How to Convert VSD Files to PPT Format?

VSD files are Microsoft Visio drawing files. Microsoft Visio is useful to create drawing files like plans, flowcharts, org charts, etc. Microsoft Visio allows the users to export the Visio files into different file formats like PDF, PNG, GIF, etc. But Microsoft Visio will not directly export the Visio files into PPT files; the Microsoft PowePoint files are useful for presentations.

The following steps explain how we can create PowerPoint files from Visio drawing files. There are a couple of ways we can convert VSD files to PPT files. But here mentioning one such way.

Step (1): As explained above, we don’t have the option to directly convert the VSD file to the PPT file. So, for that, we need to create the PowerPoint files manually by placing images of Visio pages.

Step (2): Visio file contains several pages. The PowerPoint file contains several slides. So, for each Visio page, we need to create one slide in a PowerPoint file. Keep each PowerPoint slide blank.

Step (3): Once the PowerPoint slides are ready, now export each Visio page to a JPG or PNG file. For this one, you have to click on the File -> Save As menu item. Visio will display the Save As dialog. Now click on Save as type combo box and select file format JPG or PNG. And select the location where you want to export the selected Visio page to an image file.

Step (4): Now, in the PowerPoint file insert images of the Visio file on each slide. For this one, you have to click on the Insert menu and click on the Picture menu item. PowerPoint will open the Insert Picture dialog; now select already exported Visio images.

Step (5): Now the PowerPoint file is ready with all the exported Visio pages.

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How to Convert VSD Files to PPT Format?

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