How to upgrade to Pligg 2.0.x from Pligg 1.2.x?

Pligg is a famous Open Source Content Management System used to develop variety of websites like help desks, social networking sites etc.,.

This article explains the steps to upgrade from Pligg 1.2.2 to Pligg 2.0.0.

Step (1). Download Pligg v2.0.x from Pligg site.

Step (2). Upload the latest files into your website. Make sure that you take the backup of your site & your site’s database.

Step (3). Run the upgrade script by entering the following URL in the browser:

<your website name>/install/upgrade.php

Step (4). Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step (5). One you complete the up-gradation, click on Troubleshooter link to troubleshoot to find any problems. Resolve the issues if any displayed on the screen.

Step (6). Modify settings.php.default file based on the content defined in settings.php file and save the changes.

Step (7). Remove settings.php file.

Step (8). Rename settings.php.default file as settings.php file.

Step (9). Modify libs/dbconnect.php.default file based on libs/dbconnect.php file and save the changes.

Step (10). Remove dbconnect.php file and rename dbconnect.php.default file as dbconnect.php.

Step (11). Now delete install folder.

Step (12). Refresh your website.

Once you upgrade to new version; some of the features or modules may not work as you expected. You need to uninstall the modules which are NOT supported in newer version of Pligg and install the respective supported modules.

How to upgrade to Pligg 2.0.x from Pligg 1.2.x?

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