How to put Drupal 7 based websites into maintenance mode?

Drupal is a famous Open Source Content Management platform useful to build variety of websites. Currently millions of websites are running on Drupal. This article explains how to put your Drupal based website into maintenance mode. Usually websites are into maintenance mode, if any background maintenance work is going on. Once the maintenance work is over, you can bring your website into live.

Step (1). Log in into your website as an administrator.

Step (2). Click on Configuration tab. It will display site’s configuration settings.

Step (3). Under DEVELOPMENT section, click on Maintenance Mode. It will display the Maintenance Mode page.

Step (4). Check the check box “Put site into maintenance mode” and provide the proper meaningful message under Maintenance mode message field. This message will be displayed whenever the user tries to access your site.

Step (5). Click on Save configuration button to save your configuration changes.

Once you done with your website changes, remove your site into maintenance mode. So that users will be able to visit your site.

How to put Drupal 7 based websites into maintenance mode?

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