Google Analytics – Setup Goals

In Google Analytics, Goals are used to measure your target objectives on your website. The completed activity of a Goal is a conversion that contributes to the success of your business and it is logged into your Google Analytics account.

We define goals to allow Google Analytics to record the activities and provide important information, whenever required; which helps to see which marketing campaigns generate the most conversions for your business.

Through this article, we are going to discuss the steps to create Goals in Google Analytics Account.

Step (1). Sign-in to Google Analytics account.

Step (2). Click on the Admin link from the navigation bar which is on top of the page. Google Analytics will display the administration page with ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, and VIEW sections.

Google Analytics - Admin page
Google Analytics – Admin page

Step (3). Click on the Goals link under the VIEW section. You will see the Goals page with a list of goals defined. If the goals are not defined, the goals list will be empty.

Google Analytics - Goals page
Google Analytics – Goals page

Step (4). Click on the NEW GOAL button to start creating a new goal. Google Analytics will display a Goal setup section to take inputs for creating a goal.

Google Analytics - Goals - Goal setup
Google Analytics – Goals – Goal setup

Step (5). You can set up a goal through pre-defined Templates or through custom setup. For simplicity, select the Template option and then select a template to start with a pre-defined configuration. Once you are done with your selection click on the NEXT STEP button to go to the next step.

Step (6). Google Analytics will display the Name and Type fields for Goal description. Provide the name in the Name field. If you have selected the Template option for creating goals, the Name field is automatically pre-filled. So, you can keep the same name; or if you want, you can change the name.

Google Analytics - Goal description
Google Analytics – Goal description

Step (7). Select the Type field by selecting the appropriate option. Click on the Next step button to go to the next step.

Step (8). Google Analytics opens the Goal details section. Provide the Event conditions, by providing values in the respective fields.

Google Analytics - Goal details
Google Analytics – Goal details

Step (9). Click on Verify this Goal link to verify the goal on the past 7 days of data.

Step (10). Click on Create Goal button to create the goal. Google Analytics will create the goal and display it in the Goals list on the Goals page.

Google Analytics - Goals list
Google Analytics – Goals list

Google Analytics will allow creating new Goals or allows to edit existing Goals. But it doesn’t allow to delete the Goals.

You can ON or OFF the Goal by selecting the ON/OFF button under the Recording column from the Goals list on the Goals page. Once the goal is in the OFF state, Google Analytics will not record any conversions.

Google Analytics – Setup Goals

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