Drupal – How to remove “Read more” link from front page?

Usually Drupal displays summary of the content and it displays Read more… link on bottom of the summary, if it has more information to read. When the user clicks on Read more… link, it will show the full content on the page.

It is unusual to see a Read more… link on your website’s front page. But Drupal will display the Read more… link on front page also. There are several ways you can tell Drupal to not to display Read more… link; through Modules, customize Drupal core, or through setting up Default front page in Drupal settings.

This article explains the steps to set Default front page in Drupal. So that Drupal will not display Read more.. link on front page. Drupal allows to set only one page as your website’s Default front page. So, this solution is only for removing Read more… link on front page.

This article applies to:

  • Drupal 7.x

Step 1. Log-in into your Drupal based website as an administrator.

Step 2. Click on Configuration link which is on top of the page. It will display “Configuration” page.

Step 3. Click on Site information link which is under SYSTEM section.

Step 4. Under FRONT PAGE section, enter name of the front page in Default front page text field.

Step 5. Click on Save Configuration button to save the configuration changes.

Now open your home page, and Read more… link will not appear on home page.

Drupal – How to remove “Read more” link from front page?

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