Google AdSense – Changing “ad type” for existing “Ads”

Google AdSense provides an easy-to-use interface to create/modify ad units. Google AdSense allows changing ad type of an existing ad. Currently, there are three ad types that exist. One is “Text ads only”, another one is “Display ads only” and the final one is “Text & display ads”.

  • “Text ads only” will display the textual ads with hyperlinks.
  • “Display ads only” will display only graphic ads; like images and videos.
  • “Text & display ads” will allow displaying text ads and graphic ads.

This article explains the steps to change the ad type of an existing ad.

Step (1). Log in into Google AdSense account.

Step (2). Click on the “My ads” link from the top navigation in the Google AdSense page. Google AdSense will display the ad units in the list.

Google AdSense - "My ads" page
Google AdSense – “My ads” page

Step (3). Select the ad unit you want to change the ad type by selecting its check box.

Step (4). Click on the “Actions” button which is on top of the ad units list. Google AdSense will display a pull-down menu.

Google AdSense - Actions menu
Google AdSense – Actions menu

Step (5). From the pull-down menu, select the “Edit ad type” menu item. Google AdSense will display an “Edit ad type” dialog.

Google AdSense - "Edit ad type" dialog
Google AdSense – “Edit ad type” dialog

Step (6). From the “Edit ad type” dialog, select the ad type by clicking its options button.

Step (7). Once you selected the ad type, click on the “Apply ad type” button.

Now the ad type is changed for the selected ad units.

Google AdSense – Changing “ad type” for existing “Ads”

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