Windows – How to remotely connect to the desktop?

Microsoft Windows allows the users to connect to the desktop, remotely. But, you need to enable the option to connect to the desktop remotely. Through this article we are going to discuss the steps required to enable to connect to the desktop, remotely.

This article applies to:

  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Windows 8 Operating System

Step 1. Right click on Computer icon. Windows will open a pop-up menu.

Windows - My Computer - Properties menu
Windows – My Computer – Properties menu

Step 2. Select Properties menu item from pop-up menu. Windows will display “Control Panel – System” window.

Windows - System Control Panel window
Windows – System Control Panel window

Step 3. Click on Remote settings item from right-side pane. Windows will display “System Properties” dialog.

Windows 7 - "System Properties" dialog -Remote tab
Windows 7 – “System Properties” dialog -Remote tab

Step 4. To allow to connect the desktop remotely:

  • Select either “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)” OR “Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)” option. When you select either of this option and your computer is setup to go to sleep when not in use; Windows will display a warning message. You can avoid the warning or you can follow the suggested action.
  • If you don’t want to allow to connect to your PC remotely, select “Don’t allow connections to this computer”.

Step 5. Click on OK button to apply your changes.

Follow the below steps, ONLY if you made changes to allow to connect to your PC remotely in above steps. These steps are to attempt to connect to your desktop remotely. So, you need to perform these steps on another desktop from where you want to connect remotely to your desktop.

Step 6. Open “Remote Desktop Connection” application.

Windows 7 users follow the below steps

Step 6.1. Now click on Start button. Windows 7 will display the Start menu.

Step 6.2. From Start menu, select Run… item.  Windows will display the Run dialog.

Step 6.3. Type mstsc in Run dialog and click on OK button. Windows will open “Remote Desktop Connection” dialog.

Windows 8 users follow the below steps

Step 6.1. Check this article to open “Remote Desktop Connection” application.

Windows - "Remote Desktop Connection" application
Windows – “Remote Desktop Connection” application

Step 7. Enter full name of the desktop you want to connect to; into Computer: field.

Step 8. Click on Connect button to connect to the desktop.

If anything went wrong Windows will display an error message; otherwise it will remotely connect to the desktop.

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