cPanel – Creating Email Accounts

cPanel enables users to create or manage their Email Accounts through Email Accounts page. This article explains the steps to create and manage Email Accounts.

Step 1. Log-in into your cPanel account.

Step 2. Click on Email Accounts link; which is usually under MAIL group. cPanel will display Email Accounts page to create or manage Email Accounts.

cPanel - "Email Accounts" link
cPanel – “Email Accounts” link

Step 3. From Email Accounts page:

cPanel - "Email Accounts" page
cPanel – “Email Accounts” page
  • Provide email id in Email: field. cPanel automatically appends with your domain name.
  • Provide password in Password: field.
  • Re-enter the same password in Password (again): field. The password you entered in Password: field should match with the password you entered in this field. Otherwise cPanel will show an error message.
  • Once you enter the password; cPanel will display the strength of the password in Strength: field. It is easy to trap the weak passwords; So, it always recommended to provide Strong or Very Strong passwords.
  • If you want to generate a password for you; click on Password Generator button.
  • Provide the mailbox size in Mailbox Quota: field.
    • If you want to keep unlimited mailbox size; select Unlimited option button.

Step 4. Once you made the necessary changes; click on Create Account button to create an Email Account.

If everything fine, cPanel will create an Email Account and add the Email Account to Email Accounts list.

Step 5. From Email Accounts list:

  • You can change the password by clicking on Change Password link. Once you click on the link, cPanel will display additional controls or fields to allow to provide the password for the Email Account.
    cPanel - Email Account - Change Password
    cPanel – Email Account – Change Password
    • As mentioned in Step 3. provide the password.
    • Once you provided the password; click on Change Password button. Upon successful password change; cPanel will display success message.
  • You also allowed to change the disk quota. Click on Change Quota link to change the disk quota. Once you click on this, cPanel will display additional controls.
    cPanel - Email Account - Change Disk Quota
    cPanel – Email Account – Change Disk Quota
    • As mentioned in Step 3. provide the disk quota.
    • Click on Change Quota button to change the quota. cPanel will display the success message, once the disk quota has changed.
  • Even you can delete an Email Account from here. Click on Delete link to delete an Email Account.

Step 6. From Email Accounts list we can access Email Accounts. Two ways we can access Email Accounts. One is through Webmail and another one is configuring the Email Accounts with any of the Email Clients and access the Email Accounts. You can do both these from Email Accounts list.

  • Click on More button. cPanel will display a pull-down menu.

    cPanel - Access Email Account
    cPanel – Access Email Account
  • Select Access Webmail menu-item to access Email Account through Webmail.
  • If you want to configure Email Account with Email Clients; select Configure Email Client menu-item from pull-down menu. cPanel will display a configuration page with instructions and scripts to configure Email Client with Email Clients.

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