Microsoft Excel – Text Functions – LOWER, PROPER and UPPER formulas

Microsoft Excel provides set of Text Functions to alter the given text to lowercase, uppercase and capitalize of each word. In this Article, we will discuss the set of functions to be used to convert the text to lower, upper and capitalize.

All these functions takes text as an argument. We can give text directly as an argument or cell reference or another formula which returns the text value.

You can pass numeric values also to these functions, but there will be NO effect in the result, as numeric values do not have any lower and upper variations.

LOWER function

LOWER function is used to covert all characters in the given text to lowercase letters.


PROPER function

This function is used to capitalize the first character of each word in the given text. And it converts all other characters to lowercase letters.

=PROPER(“code steps”)Code Steps

UPPER function

This function will capitalize entire text. That means, it converts all lowercase characters to uppercase characters in the given text.

=UPPER(“Microsoft Excel 2013”)MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013

We will discuss more topics in my Upcoming Articles.

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Microsoft Excel – Text Functions – LOWER, PROPER and UPPER formulas

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