Microsoft Visio 2013 – Managing Visio Pages

Microsoft Visio provides an easy user interface to manage the Visio Pages. It allows to create, delete, rename, duplicate and order the pages. We will look into the options to manage the Visio Pages through this Article.

Visio allows to navigate between the Visio pages through the tabs. To open a particular Visio page, click on the associated tab.

Insert a Page

There are different ways we can add a New page in Visio. When you create a new drawing; by default Visio will create a single drawing page for you. We can add multiple pages using this feature to place the related drawings on the individual pages.

From the menu, click on INSERT tab. Visio will display the ribbon controls on the ribbon. Click on New Page control to add the new page. Or you can click on the arrow mark on it, to add a blank page or a background page.

Right click on the Page (any Visio drawing Page) and Visio will display the context menu. Then select Insert menu item to add a new Visio Page.

From the drawing window, click on the (+) or Insert Page icon to add the new Page.

Shortcut to add the new page in Visio is, by pressing the Shift key and F11 function key together (Shift + F11).

Delete the Page

Once you done with the drawing, you can delete the unnecessary Visio pages to clean up the final version of the Visio drawing.

To delete the page, select the Page you want to delete and right click on it. Visio will display the sub menu and select Delete menu item from it to delete the selected page.

If you have selected the background page and attempt to delete it; Visio will prompt the below message, before you delete the background page; if the pages are already assigned with the background. Upon your confirmation the page will be deleted.

Background page 'VBackground-1' is assigned to other pages in the document. Are you sure you want to delete it?

Rename the Page

By default Visio will give the page names as “Page-<page number>”; example, Page-1, Page-2 etc,. To give more meaningful names to the pages, you can select the page tab and right click on it. From the sub menu; select Rename menu item to rename the page.

Or double click on the page tab and give the more meaningful name to the page.

Duplicate the Page

This option is really helpful and saves lot of time when it is required to draw multiple related drawings on different Visio pages.

From the menu, select INSERT tab and then select the text on the New Page control. Then select Duplicate This page option from the sub menu. Before this, you must select the page you want to duplicate it.

Alternatively, right click on the page tab you want to duplicate the page and then select Duplicate menu item from the sub menu.

Reorder Visio Pages

This option is useful to reorder (or sequence) the Visio pages.

Select the page tab you want to reorder the page; and drag it and drop to the location where you want to place the page tab in the order of the pages.

Or right click on the page tab and select Reorder Pages… menu item to open the Reorder Pages dialog which allows the users to reorder the pages by clicking on the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

We will discuss more topics as we go.

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Microsoft Visio 2013 – Managing Visio Pages

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