Microsoft Visio 2013 – Managing Borders and Titles (Header and Footer)

We can add beautiful designs to our Visio pages to provide rich appearance. Visio provides an easy interface to do this. We will discuss adding borders and titles (or headers and footer) to Visio pages through this Article.

Step 1. Open Visio document in Visio Application.

Adding Header or Footer

Step 2. Select DESIGN tab and then select Borders & Titles ribbon control which is under Backgrounds group in the ribbon. Visio will display the list of Borders and Titles available.

Step 3. Select the item which you want to Apply to the Visio Pages. Observe that, Visio will add a new page called background page with the Borders & Titles. That means, the page has Header and Footer added to it.

Modifying Header or Footer

Step 4. Visio doesn’t allow to change the header or footer from the Viso Page directly. Instead you need to select the background page (by default Visio will name the background page as “VBackground-1” etc,.) and then modify the header or title by double clicking on them.

The changes will reflect in the associated Visio pages.

Attaching Border & Title to the Page

Step 5. Right click on the page tab where you want to add the background and select Page Setup… from the sub-menu. Visio will display the Page Setup dialog.

Step 6. From Page Properties tab, select Background option in the Type: field and select the background page from the Background: drop down box.

Step 7. Press Apply or OK to apply the changes.

We can attach the Border & Title to the multiple pages.

Delete the Border & Title page

Step 8. Select the background page you want to remove and right click on it. Then select Delete from the sub menu.

Step 9. Visio will remove the background if the background is NOT attached to any of the page(s). Visio will prompt the below message to get the confirmation to delete the background page; if the background is already attached to the page(s).

Background page 'VBackground-1' is assigned to other pages in the document. Are you sure you want to delete it?

Upon confirmation the background will be removed from the page(s).

We will discuss more topics as we go.

🙂 Sahida

Microsoft Visio 2013 – Managing Borders and Titles (Header and Footer)

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