Google Chrome – How to “start or stop automatically reporting errors and crashes”?

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers, people use to browse the internet. To provide more features & to improve performance of the browser; Chrome browser sends the usage information to the Chrome team and which helps the Team to provide patches to the fixes, improve the user interface of the browser etc,.

Chrome provides an option to enable or disable the feature to automatically send some information to Chrome Team. Through this article, we are going to look at the steps to start or stop automatically reporting errors.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” option; which resides at the top right corner of the browser; under the Close button, a 3 vertical dots symbol.

Once you click on it, Chrome will display a pop-up menu. From it, select Settings menu option.

Google Chrome - Menu and Settings
Google Chrome – Menu and Settings

Step 2. Chrome browser will display the settings to manage the browser. If your organization is managing the browser, you will see “Your browser is managed by your organization” message. That means, System administrator can change these settings remotely and may be some of the options are not available to you to modify.

The browser displays the settings in groups; to combine related settings. Look for “Sync and Google services” option under People group; and click on it. Now it displays more options related to sync and google services.

Step 3. Look for “Help improve Chrome’s features and performance” option under “Other Google services” section. This option is used to send usage statistics and crash reports to Google automatically, when it is enabled.

You can enable this option to send the reports; or you can disable it, to not to share the usage statistics to Google; by clicking on the button next to it.

To reflect the changes, you need to restart the browser.

Sending crash reports information to Google, really helps to the Team to provide better browser with more features and fixes. But, this is up to you to decide whether to enable this feature or not.

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