Windows 10 – How to Find and Manage Notifications?

Notifications are alerts to alert the user(s) to perform a particular action, or to notify the user(s) for the actions performed or to be performed by the Operating System or Applications.

How to Find Notifications in Windows 10?

At the right end of the Taskbar, we can find the notification area. We can also call this a System Tray. This is the place we commonly find icons for battery, Wi-Fi, Volume, Action Center, etc.

Windows 10 Operating System places the notifications in Action Center (or Notifications & Actions). We can find the Action Center icon at the right end of the Taskbar. By clicking on the Action Center icon, we can open the Action Center, to view the notifications. This is the place where you can see notifications from the System, from different Applications, or Senders.

Windows 10 - Action Center
Windows 10 – Action Center

We can easily figure out any new notifications, without opening the Action Center. Windows 10 will show the notifications count on the Action Center icon. And it also displays the new notifications count as a tooltip when we over the mouse on the Action Center icon.

Notification count on Action Center icon
Notification count on Action Center icon

We can see the notifications only when notifications are enabled.

Manage Notifications in Windows 10

From the Action Center window, by clicking on the “Manage notifications” link, we can go to “Notifications & actions” settings where Windows 10 provides options to us to manage the notifications.

Notifications Setting in Windows 10
Notifications Setting in Windows 10

Under Notifications, by turning On the option “Get notifications from apps and other senders“, we can receive the notifications from Applications and Senders. When the option is on, Windows 10 will place the notifications in Action Center. By turning Off the option, we can get rid of notifications. This is not recommended to turn off the notifications.

We can also have the option to turn Off the notifications from particular Senders, instead of turning Off notifications from all the Senders. Under “Get notifications from these senders“, we can turn On/Off notifications from a particular Sender listed. This way we can have more control over the notifications. For example, by selecting the Sender, we can also modify the Sender’s own notification settings. 

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Windows 10 – How to Find and Manage Notifications?

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