How to create Icon files in Visual Studio editor?

Microsoft Visual Studio is the popular development environment to create projects/solutions using Microsoft based technologies like C#, ASP.Net, Visuall C++ etc.,

This article gives the steps to add Icons to the existing Visual Studio Projects using Visual Studio 2008.

Step (1) Create or Open the Project in Visual Studio IDE.

Step (2) Goto Project menu and click on Add New Item… menu item. It will open Add New Item dialog box to allow you to add new item to the project. (OR) Select the Project from Solution Explorer, Right click on it, and select Add->New Item…

Step (3) Select Icon File from Visual Studio installed templates.

Step (4) Once you Icon File template provide the meaningful name to the icon file in Name. And click on Add button.

Step (5) Visual Studio will open the Icon editor to edit your icon file. If you want to create an icon with different dimensions, click on Image -> New Image Type… menu item. It will open New Icon Image Type dialog to allow you to create/select different icon types.

Step (6) Once you are done with the icon editing, save the icon. Now the icon is ready to use in your Project. 

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