How to create mail forwarders in cPanel?

Mail forwarders are useful to forward the mails from one e-mail address to another e-mail address. For eg: if you change your e-mail address and don’t want to lose your e-mails that come into your old e-mail address, you can use forwarders. This article explains how to create a mail forwarder in cPanel. cPanel is one of the mostly used web-hosting control panel.

Step (1). Log-in into your cPanel account.

Step (2). Click on Forwarders icon. Usually which is under Mail section.

cPanel - Mail forwarders icon

cPanel – Mail forwarders icon

Step (3). Click on Add Forwarder button to create an e-mail forwarder.

Step (4). In Add a New Forwarder page, provide the old e-mail address in Address to Forward: field. And provide the new e-mail address in Forward to e-mail address: field.

cPanel - Add a new forwarder

cPanel – Add a new forwarder

Step (5). Click on Add Forwarder button. It will add a forwarder and going forward all e-mails sent to your old e-mail address will be forwarded to your new e-mail address.

Once your mail forwarder is created, it will be listed under forwarders list.

Check your e-mails addresses to test whether your changes are working fine or not.

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