Outlook: Create a Quick Step

Quick Steps is a new feature included in Microsoft Outlook 2010 which is useful to apply multiple actions on mail messages. With this you can easily and quickly manage your mail messages. Outlook allows to create your own Quick Steps those suitable for your requirements.

This article explains the steps to create Quick Steps.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010

Step (1). Open Microsoft Outlook application.

Step (2). Click on Home tab. Outlook will display ribbon control.

Step (3). Look for “Quick Steps” group on ribbon control and click on “Create New” quick step.

Microsoft Outlook - "Quick Steps" group

Microsoft Outlook – “Quick Steps” group

Step (4). Outlook will display “Edit Quick Step” dialog.

Microsoft Outlook - "Edit Quick Step" dialog

Microsoft Outlook – “Edit Quick Step” dialog

Step (5). Enter name of the Quick Step in Name: field. This name will be appeared in “Quick Steps” group in Home tab once the Quick Step is created.

Step (6). You need to select what actions should takes place when you click on the Quick Step.

  • Select an action from “Choose an Action” combo box.
  • Depending on the action you selected, Outlook will display extra fields to get extra information for the selected action. Provide the required information.

For eg: For “Delete Message” action, no other information is required to provide. So, Outlook will not display any extra fields. But for “Move to folder” action, folder name is required to move the mail messages. So, Outlook will display an extra field to collect folder name.

Step (7). Outlook allows multiple actions for a Quick Step.

  • If you want to add another action, click on “Add Action” button.
  • Outlook will display another combo box to select an Action. Select an action by selecting a value from “Choose an Action” combo box.
  • Depending the on the action selected, provide an extra information.

Step (8). Outlook allows to select shortcut keys for Quick Steps. With the shortcut keys you can quickly execute the Quick Step. Provide shortcut key in Shortcut key: field by selecting the value from “Choose a shortcut” combo box.

Step (9). Provide the meaningful tool-tip text in “Tooltip text:” field. This text will be displayed when you put the mouse cursor on the Quick Step name in “Quick Steps” group in Home tab. If you have selected the shortcut key, Outlook will display shortcut key information also along with the tool-tip text.

For eg: Below is the screenshot for “Categorize and Move” Quick Step which marks selected mail messages as “Important” and move them into the “Personal” folder.

Microsoft Outlook - Create a Quick Step

Microsoft Outlook – Create a Quick Step

Step (10). Once necessary details are provided, Outlook will enable Finish button on “Edit Quick Step” dialog. Click on Finish button to create the Quick Step. Outlook will create the Quick Step and display it in top of the items in “Quick Steps” group.

Microsoft Outlook - "Quick Steps" group with new item

Microsoft Outlook – “Quick Steps” group with new item

Now the Quick Step is created and you can apply this to your selected mail messages.

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