Skype: Turn on or off automatic updates

Skype has the feature to automatically upgrade to new versions. Skype allows to turn on or off this feature. This article explains it.

This article applies to:

  • Skype 6.11

Step (1). Open Skype application and Sign-in using your user credentials.

Step (2). Once you signed-in, click on Tools menu and select Options… menu item.

Skype - Tools - Options menu

Skype – Tools – Options menu

Step (3). Skype will open “Skype Options” dialog.

Skype - Options - General Settings

Skype – Options – General Settings

Step (4). From “Skype Options” dialog, click on Advanced tab. Skype will expand Advanced tab and display sub tabs in it.

Step (5). Click on Automatic updates sub tab. Skype will display Automatic updates options.

Skype - Advanced Options

Skype – Advanced Options

Step (6). From right side pane in “Skype Options” dialog, select Turn on automatic updates button to turn on automatic updates.

To turn off automatic updates, click on Turn off automatic updates button.

Step (7). Once you made the changes, click on Save button to save your changes.

Once automatic updates turn on, Skype will automatically upgrades to new versions.

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