Joomla 3: Creating articles

Joomla provides simple users interface to allow the users to create articles.

Step 1. Log-in into your Joomla based website as an administrator. Joomla will display the Control Panel.

Joomla 3 - Admin Control Panel

Joomla 3 – Admin Control Panel

Step 2. Click on “Add New Article” link which is in left side of “Control Panel” page. Joomla will display “Article Manager: Add New Article” page.

Joomla 3 - "Article Manager: Add New Article" page

Joomla 3 – “Article Manager: Add New Article” page

Step 3. On “Article Manager: Add New Article” page, provide the article title in Title field. Alias field is automatically generated from title.

Step 4. Content tab will display the editor to allow the users to provide the article content. Joomla allows to format the content from this box.

We can toggle the editor by clicking on “Toggle editor” button; which resides at the bottom of the editor. Once we click on this button, Joomla toggles the editor between HTML code and formatted content.

Step 5. Select the category from Category field. This field will display the list of available categories. Select the relevant category from Category drop down list.

Step 6. Provide relevant tags in Tags field.

Step 7. Once you are done with the changes, click on “Save & Close” button. Joomla will close the “Article Manager: Add New Article” page and open “Article Manager: Articles” page where it displays list of articles.

Joomla 3 - "Article Manager: Articles" page

Joomla 3 – “Article Manager: Articles” page

Observe that the article just created will appears on Articles page.


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