How to create Custom Reports in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an enterprise-class web analytics to provide the details on your site visitors, how they arrived on to your site, how much time they spent on your site, what pages they visited, lets you measure sales and conversions and much more.

Google Analytics provides much more tools to the users to analyze the data and to generate the custom reports.

This article explains how to create a custom report in Google Analytics.

Step 1. Log-in as admin into your Google Analytics account.

Step 2. Once you log-in, Google Analytics will display  the list of Accounts created under your account.

Step 3. Select any of the account for which you want to create a custom report.

Step 4. Google Analytics will display the Audience Review for your selected account.

Step 5. Now click on Customization tab to create a new custom report.

Step 6. Click on New Custom Report button. It will display “Create Custom Report” page.

Step 7. You must specify at least one dimension and at least one metric in order to create a custom report.

Step 8. Click on “+ add metric” link to add metric. For eg: add “% New Visits” from Visitors to know percentage of new visits to the site. You add multiple metrics in metric groups.

Step 9. Now click on “+ add dimension” link to add dimensions. For eg: add “Continent” dimension from Visitors to display the continent from where the visitors are coming to the site.

Step 10. You can provide the names to Title, Name & Metric Group fields.

Step 11. If you want to this report applicable to any profile, check Any Profile check box.

Step 12. Once you made the changes, click on Save button. If all the given entries are valid, Google Analytics will generate a custom report.

Google Analytics will display the custom report once you click on the newly generated custom report which is under Custom Reports section in Customization page.

How to create Custom Reports in Google Analytics?

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