How to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Office?

Add-Ins are useful to provide additional functionality or features in Microsoft Office Applications. That means, Add-ins are useful to extend the Application features. To enable the feature, we need to enable the Add-In. This article explains, how to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Office Applications.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Office 2010

Step (1). Open Microsoft Office application.

Step (2). Click on Developer tab; where the Office Application will show the Developer controls.

Manage Add-Ins
Manage Add-Ins

Step (3). Click on COM Add-Ins icon under Add-Ins group. It will open COM Add-Ins dialog.

Step (4). In COM Add-Ins dialog, available Add-Ins will be displayed under Add-Ins available: section. If the Add-In is enabled the check-box is checked otherwise the check-box is NOT checked.

Step (5). If you want to delete the Add-In, select the Add-In and click on Remove button.

Step (6). Click on Add… button to add the Add-In. It will open Add Add-In dialog to select an available Add-Ins from the disk.

Step (7). Once you made the changes, click on OK button to save your changes.

The changes will get affected once you restart Microsoft Office Application.

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