How to check Available Updates in Drupal based websites?

Drupal is the famous Open Source Content Management (CMS) platform for users to build a variety of websites. Drupal release updates, with adding new features, bug fixes, any improvements, etc, to allow the users to get more benefits from using this Software.

Whenever Drupal releases a new update to its software, it is recommended to update your website with the latest update to get more benefits of using it. Manually doing the update is a bit difficult and fortunately, we have a feature in Drupal software to check the updates and allows us to install them.

This article explains how to find out available updates on Drupal-based websites.

Step 1. Log in to your website (developed with Drupal software) Admin panel.

Step 2. At, top of the page you will find a menu bar once you logged into the Admin dashboard.

Step 3. Click on the Reports link. It will display Reports sections.

Step 4. Under the Reports section, click on the Available updates link.

Drupal - Available updates
Drupal – Available updates

Step 5. Now, it will display all the available updates under the Available updates section.


How to check Available Updates in Drupal based websites?

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