How to set Drupal to generate clean URLs?

When you are developing websites using Drupal™ (Open Source CMS), one thing you need to remember is enabling clear URLs is recommended. Once you enable it, the URLs will become more readable. Eg: will become as This article explains how to enable Clear URLs in Drupal™ based websites.

This article applies to:

  • Drupal 7.x

Step (1). Log in to the Drupal™ based website as an admin.

Step (2). Click on the Configuration menu on top of the page. It will display the configuration page.

Drupal - Configuration menu
Drupal – Configuration menu

Step (3). Click on the Clean URLs link, which is under the Search and Metadata section.

Drupal - Configuration page
Drupal – Configuration page

Step (4). Clean URLs page allows you to enable or disable clean URLs for your site. Check the Enable clean URLs” check box to enable clean URLs for your site.

Drupal - Clean URLs page
Drupal – Clean URLs page

Step (5). Click on the Save Configuration button to save your changes.

Step (6). Refresh your page to reflect your changes.

How to set Drupal to generate clean URLs?

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