How to update Drupal core?

When any Drupal core updates are available, Drupal will display available updates in the Available updates report. This report is available only when you enable the Update manager module.

This article explains how to update Drupal core.

Step (1). Take a backup of your site and its database.

Step (2). Log in to your Drupal-based website as an Administrator.

Step (3). Check for the available updates. Available updates can be found under the Reports menu.

Drupal - Available updates
Drupal – Available updates

Step (4). Download the latest version from the Download link.

Step (5). Log in to your website’s control panel and upload the downloaded drupal zip file into the location where you have installed your website.

Step (6). Extract the files. Now your website is updated with Drupal core.

Step (7). Come back to your website’s admin area. Click on the Report link. It will open the Report page.

Step (8). Click on the Status report link. It will display a status report.

Step (9). Check for the status report and fix if any issues it shows. Usually, it is required to update the database script. Click on the database update script link under the Database updates section.

Drupal - Status Report - Database updates
Drupal – Status Report – Database updates

Step (10). Follow the on-screen instructions to update any database updates.

Step (11). Make sure you apply any of your changes once you are done with your Drupal core update.

How to update Drupal core?

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