How to clear cache in Drupal based websites?

Drupal maintains the caching mechanism to improve your website’s performance. Sometimes it is required to clear the cache once you made system-wide changes or changes in the website’s current theme. This article explains the steps to clear the cache.

This article applies to:

  • Drupal 7.x

Step (1). Log in to your Drupal-based website as an administrator.

Step (2). Click on the Configuration link which is on top of the page. It will display the configuration page.

Drupal - Configuration page
Drupal – Configuration page

Step (3). Scroll down on the configuration page and click on the Performance link which is under the DEVELOPMENT section. It will open the performance page.

Step (4). Click on the Clear all caches button from the CLEAR CACHE section.

Drupal - Configuration - Performance
Drupal – Configuration – Performance

Step (5). You can set cache settings in CACHING section. Once you made the changes click on the Save configuration button.

How to clear cache in Drupal based websites?

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