How to create or remove an Addon domain using cPanel?

An addon domain allows a new domain name to map to a sub-directory of your account. Addon domains allows to create multiple domains from a single account. You can also create email accounts, forwarders, etc., for your addon domain. You can access your addon domain from web-browser; the same way you access the primary domain.

Below are the steps to create an Addon account using cPanel.

Step (1). Log-in into your website’s cPanel.

Step (2). Click on Addon Domains icon, which is usually under Domains section. It will display Addon Domains web page.

cPanel - Addon Domains icon
cPanel – Addon Domains icon

Step (3). Provide the domain name you want add as an addon domain in New Domain Name: field. Automatically other fields Subdomain/FTP Username: and Document Root: are filled with necessary data.

cPanel - Addon Domains page
cPanel – Addon Domains page

Step (4). Enter password in Password: field. To confirm the password re-enter it again in Password (Again): field. The Strength: field will show the strength of the password. Passwords having very strong strengths are hard to crack. Always better to enter the very strong passwords.

  • If you want to generate a password, you can click on Password Generator button. It will display a Password Generator dialog allows you to select different combinations to generate a password. 

    cPanel - Addon domains - Password generator
    cPanel – Addon domains – Password generator
  • Click on Advanced Options link to display advanced options; these options will allow to change the way the password will generate.
  • Copy the password and place it into a safe place. Check the check-box I have copied this password in a safe place.
  • Click on Use Password button to use the generated password for your addon domain. Once you click on Use Password button, the password will be placed into Password: and Password (Again): fields in Addon Domain page automatically.

Step (5). Once you enter the necessary data in all fields, click on Add Domain button. It will create an addon domain and display the success message.

Step (6). Now you will find your addon domain under Modify Addon Domain list in Addon Domain page.

cPanel - Addon Domains list
cPanel – Addon Domains list
  • You can change the Document Root by clicking on edit document root icon under DOCUMENT ROOT.
  • You can remove the addon domain by clicking on Remove link which is under ACTIONS.
  • If you want to redirect your addon domain to some other URL, you can click on Manage Redirection link. Once you click on Manage Redirection link, it will display Addon Domain Redirection page.
    cPanel - Addon Domain Redirection
    cPanel – Addon Domain Redirection
    • In Addon Domain Redirection page, provide the redirect URL and click on Save button. Your addon domain will be redirected to the provided URL.
    • If you want to remove the redirection, click on Disable Redirection button.
    • Once you done click Go Back button to come back to previous page.

Step (7). Once you are enabled the addon domain redirection, it will be displayed under Modify Addon Domain list.

Addon domains can be accessed like a primary domain. Once you created the addon domain, you need to change the domain’s name server settings with domain name registrar. Then only the domain can be accessed through web-browser. You can find your account’s name-servers information in cPanel or you can check with your hosting provider.

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