How to set the default front page in Drupal?

Drupal allows displaying published articles or pages on the front page. It is simple to provide your article or page as a front-page by updating configuration settings. Below are the steps to set the default front page for your Drupal-based website.

This article applies to:

  • Drupal 7.x

Step (1). Log in to your Drupal-based website as an administrator.

Step (2). Click on the Configuration link which is displayed in the top menu. It will display a configuration page.

Drupal - Configuration menu
Drupal – Configuration menu

Step (3). On the configuration page, click on the Site information link, which is usually under the SYSTEM group. It displays site information settings to allow you to change the site name, site slogan, e-mail address, etc.

Drupal - Configuration page
Drupal – Configuration page

Step (4). On the site information page, check for the FRONT PAGE section, and in the Default front page field, provide the relative URL to display as the front page. Leave it blank, if you want to display the default front page.

For eg: If you want to display your site’s about page as the front page, provide the page name in the Default front page field.

Drupal - Site information page
Drupal – Site information page

Step (5). Once you entered the value in the Default front page field, click on Save configuration button which is on bottom of the page to save your changes.

Step (6). Now click on home button on the top menu of the page. Now your Drupal based website will display the front page which you set instead of the default front page.

How to set the default front page in Drupal?

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