Opera – Enable or disable pop-ups

Opera is a popular web browser that includes built-in phishing and malware protection. Opera web browser provides a lot of features include tabbed browsing, page zooming, integrated download manager, pop-ups, etc. to make it easy web-browsing.

Pop-ups are the windows that will open without our knowledge when we are browsing the internet sites. Most of the pop-ups are used to display advertisements. Opera allows you to allow or disallow pop-ups.

This article explains the steps to enable or disable pop-ups.

This applies to:

  • Opera 18.x

Step (1). Open Opera web browser.

Step (2). Click on the Opera icon which is on the top left corner of the Opera web-browser window. It will display a pull-down menu.

Opera - Settings menu
Opera – Settings menu

Step (3). Select Settings menu item. Opera will open a “Settings” page.

Opera - Websites - Settings page
Opera – Websites – Settings page

Step (4). From the “Settings” page, click on the Websites link. Opera will display websites settings.

Step (5). Under Pop-ups section:

  • Select the “Allow all sites to show pop-ups” option, to allow pop-ups for all sites.
  • If you want to disable pop-ups for all sites, select the “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)” option.

Step (6). You can override these options on particular websites. That means, even though you select the “Allow all sites to show pop-ups” option; you can disable pop-ups for particular websites. To enter these details, click on the “Manage exceptions…” button. Opera will display “Pop-up exceptions” window:

Opera - Pop-up exceptions window
Opera – Pop-up exceptions window
  • Provide your website name under “Hostname pattern” and select Allow or Block value from the combo-box under “Behavior”. Then click on the Tab key from the keyboard to add the entry.
  • You can enter your site’s main domain name or sub-domain name under “Hostname pattern”. If you enter your site’s main domain name (eg: your-site-name.com), pop-ups will be allowed or disallowed for the whole site, including its sub-domains (eg: sub-domain.your-site-name.com). But if you enter your site’s sub-domain name (eg: sub-domain.your-site-name.com), pop-ups will be allowed or disallowed for only that particular sub-domain of your site.
  • You can delete the entries by clicking on the “X” mark next to the entry.

Step (7). Once you made the necessary changes click on the Done button to save your changes and close the “Pop-up exceptions” window.

Now Opera will allow or disallow the pop-ups for websites, based on the website’s settings you have provided.

Opera – Enable or disable pop-ups

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