Ubuntu 14.x – How to open Terminal window?

Terminal window is helpful to execute Ubuntu commands, scripts or execute the applications. Terminal window opens the command line tool to allow the user(s) to enter the commands, to do some operations. Usually the user(s) use Terminal window, to perform maintenance operations.

In this article we are going to discuss the steps to open the Terminal window in Ubuntu 14.x Operating System.

Step 1. Login into Ubuntu system using your user credentials.

Step 2. From Ubuntu Desktop, click on Search icon which is on top left corner. Ubuntu will display a search window.

Step 3. In search window, type “terminal” in the search field. Ubuntu will display all the applications which are matched with the given application name under Applications group in the search results.

Ubuntu - Search window
Ubuntu – Search window

Step 4. Click on the application “Terminal” which is under Applications group. Ubuntu will open the Terminal window.

Step 5. Ubuntu will open a terminal window, with shell command prompt to allow the users to type the commands or run the scripts to perform some kind of operations.

To close the terminal widow, type exit command at the command prompt and terminal window will be closed.

You can also close the terminal window, by clicking “x” (close) icon on the terminal window.

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