Skype for Business – How to fix “Outlook Integration Error” ?

Skype for Business is an instant messenger provides very useful features like online meetings (including video conferences too), manage employee contacts, enterprise level security, share the screen or programs online and also allows to integrate Microsoft Office applications, especially Microsoft Outlook.

Sometimes, we see “Outlook Integration Error” notification when we sign in into Skype for Business application. This seems basically an issue with the integration between Skype for Business and the Microsoft Outlook application.

This integration with Outlook allows us to view the contacts and scheduled meetings details from Skype for Business application itself; instead of opening Outlook application.

Once you signed in into Skype for Business, you will see the notification icon on bottom right corner of the application window. Click on it, and the application will display “Outlook Integration Error” notification. By clicking on the notification, it will display a dialog with more detailed information about the integration error. The error details may look like below:

Skype for Business
The Exchange server isn't letting us connect.
Please try signing out and back in. Your Outlook 
contact and calendar info won't be available 
until the connection is fixed.

The notification clearly shows Exchange server is not allowing to connect. This is basically a connection issue between the Skype for Business and the Outlook applications.

How to fix this issue?

Now we need to look for the root cause of the issue. From the error message we know that the issue is, NOT able to connect to Exchange server. That means, either the issue is with the Exchange server or the issue with the network connection.

If the issue with the Exchange server; we can not do much from our end. It is recommended to contact the network or Outlook Administrators.

And the issue also not with the Internet. Because, you are already signed into the Skype for Business application. If you are connected from corporate network; try connecting from your personal or home network. It should work if there are NO issues with Exchange server or the network. If it is working from home or personal network, the issue is with the corporate network.

Now you need to verify whether the LAN settings are properly configured as this is connected from the corporate network. Usually when you connect from corporate networks, you must configure to run the auto script from Internet Options. Auto script will run to allow to access to the internal network. If this is not configured properly you are not allowed to access any of the corporate sites; even though you connected from corporate network.

Auto script allows the sites which are allowed to access from the corporate network. If no auto script is configured from the Internet Options; your corporate network will BLOCK all the sites. Then, why showing “Outlook Integration Error”? There may be configuration issue, hence your corporate network is NOT allowing to connect to the Exchange server. You will NOT send / receive mails using Outlook.

Let’s verify and change the configuration.

Step 1. Open Internet Options dialog from Internet Explorer.

Step 2. Select Connections tab. It will display list of options to configure the network.

Step 3. Click on “LAN Settings” button. Internet Explorer will open Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog.

Step 4. From Automatic configuration group, select “Use automatic configuration script” check box. And enter the address of the Automatic configuration script location in the Address field. Once changes done, click on OK button.

Step 5. Again click on OK button from Internet Options dialog to apply the changes.

Step 6. Now sign out from Skype for Business application. And again sign in. Now you will NOT see the error notification. And also observe that, contacts and calendar entries are refreshed in the Skype for Business application.

We discuss more topics as we go.


Skype for Business – How to fix “Outlook Integration Error” ?

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