Mozilla Firefox – Change Master Password

Through our previous Article, we have discussed saving and managing login credentials in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Saving the login credentials is NOT enough; you need to protect the details to avoid unauthorized access.

By default, the Mozilla Firefox browser does NOT protect the login details. These can be accessible to everyone who has the access to your System. These details can be protected by applying Master Password.

In this article, we will discuss how to set the Master Password to protect the login details from unauthorized access.

Change Master Passwords in Firefox

Step 1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and open the Preferences page.

Step 2. Select the “Privacy & Security” option, which will take you to the Browser Privacy options.

Step 3. From the Browser Privacy page, under Forms & Passwords; select “Use a master password checkbox. Firefox browser will enable the “Change Master Password…” button. Click on it, to open the “Change Master Password” dialog.

Firefox - Change Master Password dialog
Firefox – Change Master Password dialog

Step 3.1. When the password is not set before, the dialog will display “(not set)” in the “Current Password:” field. And the field will be disabled. If you already set the password and want to change it, you must have to enter the current password in this field.

Step 3.2. Provide the password in the “Enter new password:” field. Remember that you must give the quality password. Otherwise, it will be easy to break the password to access the saved login details.

Step 3.3. Re-enter the password you want to set in the “Re-enter password:” field. You must have to remember the Master Password. Otherwise, it is NOT possible to reset the password and you CAN NOT access the saved information from the browser.

Once the changes are done, click on the OK button to save the Master Password. The browser will display a “Master Password successfully changed” message.

Now we will verify whether the password is applied.

Step 4. From the Browser Privacy page, click on the “Saved Logins…” button to open the “Saved Logins” dialog to view the saved login details. The browser will prompt to enter the password to open the dialog. If you enter the password, the dialog will display the saved login details. Otherwise, an empty dialog will display without any information.

Step 4.1. From the “Saved Login” dialog, click on the Show Passwords button to display the passwords associated with the selected site. Firefox browser will prompt to provide the Master Password to view the password details for the selected site. Without providing Master Password you CAN NOT view the saved login details.

Click on the Close button to close the “Saved Logins” dialog.

We will discuss more topics in my Upcoming Articles.

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Mozilla Firefox – Change Master Password

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