AWS – CloudTrail – To log activities done in an AWS Account

CloudTrail is allows to manage the events generated in the Amazon Web Services Accounts. That means, it is useful to track user activities and API usage; record them as events in AWS CloudTrail.

AWS provides an user interface, AWS CloudTrail console, to manage the events records in the AWS CloudTrail. AWS CloudTrail also delivers the log files to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).

CloudTrail records important information for each action; including service used, performed actions etc,.

By default CloudTrail logs limited information of an activity. If you want to record complete actions of an activity, you need to configure CloudTrail trail. This is also helpful to record all the actions made for an activity in all regions. And using CloudTrail trails we can enable delivering of events information to an Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).

We will discuss more topics as we go.

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