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PowerShell – How to unzip files?

In our previous article, we have discussed about zip / compress the selected files or directories using PowerShell Compress-Archive cmdlet. Through this article, we are going to discuss how to unzip the zipped files. Expand-Archive cmdlet – Unzip files from Archived file(s) PowerShell provides Expand-Archive cmdlet to unzip the zipped files. Through its -Path argument […]

Powershell – How to zip / compress / archive selected files or directories?

Windows PowerShell provides commands to zip (compress) and unzip the files. Through this article, we are going to discuss the PowerShell command to zip the selected files or directories. Compress-Archive cmdlet – Compress / Zip / Archive the selected files or directories PowerShell provides Compress-Archive cmdlet, to archive the specified files or directories. We can […]

PowerShell – Exception handling

PowerShell provides exception handling mechanism to enable to deal with the exceptions raised during the script execution. Known or expected errors, we commonly handle using Error handling mechanism; where mostly we use if statement to meet certain criteria and the change the flow of execution depends on the result of the conditional statement. Exceptional handling […]

PowerShell – How to access Clipboard?

Clipboard is a buffer in computer memory, allows the applications to copy and retrieve the temporary data.  Most of the applications provides the Clipboard feature to share the temporary data across the applications. Most common way we can use the Clipboard is using cut, copy and paste commands.  PowerShell provides cmdlets to use the Clipboard. […]

PowerShell – Type operators

PowerShell Type operators are used to verify the type of the operand. Are you aware, each value we use in PowerShell has particular Type? These are the types similar to the types defined in .Net. Yes, because PowerShell is developed using .Net Framework. These operators are allowed to verify the type of the operand. Through […]

PowerShell – Bitwise Shift Operators

PowerShell offers bitwise shift operators too. We have discussed about “PowerShell – Bitwise Logical Operators” in our previous article. Through this article, we are going to discuss about bitwise shift operators. Shift left -shl operator PowerShell left shift operator shifts the bits left side. This operator takes two operands and left shifts the bits from […]

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