AWS Lightsail – How to check health metrics?

Health Metrics in Amazon Lightsail are very useful to know whether the Applications in Lightsail instances are working smoothly and useful to take the decision on upgrade / downgrade the configuration of the System to balance the price per usage.

In this Article we will discuss about checking the Health Metrics in Amazon Lightsail instance.

Step 1. Sign in to Amazon Console and open Lightsail Console window. AWS will see the list of created instances.

Step 2. Select the Lightsail instance where you want to check the Health Metrics.

Step 3. From Lightsail instance page, select Metrics tab. Amazon Lightsail provides several useful health metrics to help you to take the decision to ensure to run the applications smoothly. AWS Console displays the Health Metrics details in below sections:


Step 4. Check / Un-check the checkbox before the Metrics to display / hide the related Metrics. At least one entry should be selected.

Step 5. You can also display the Metrics details for the Time period by selecting the required time period under Time period section.

Once the details are selected, Lightsail Console will display the Health Metrics based on the selection.

Let’s look at each metric one by one.

CPUUtilization metrics

This tells the percentage of CPU capacity your Amazon Lightsail instance is using. Using this metric you can decide how much CPU power is required to run your hosted applications.

NetworkIn metrics

This metric is useful to identify the incoming network traffic to hosted applications in Amazon Lightsail instance. This metric is useful to measure the data transfer rates.

NetworkOut metrics

This metric refers the outgoing network traffic from the Amazon Lightsail instance. This also useful to measure the data transfer rates.

StatusCheckFailed metrics

This metric shows the result from the combination of StatusCheckFailed_Instance and StatusCheckFailed_System.

If either of the status checksĀ fails; the value zero (0) will be shown. Otherwise, it will show a value (1); indicates System Check has passed.

StatusCheckFailed_Instance metrics

This metric shows whether the instance has passed the Amazon Lightsail instance status check. If the status check passed, a value one (1) will be shown; otherwise, it will show the value zero(0).

These are the results from the Instance Check (attempt to access the Software in the System).

StatusCheckFailed_System metrics

A value one (1) indicated the status check passed; otherwise, a value zero (0) will be shown. These are the results from the System Check (attempt to access to the System) done.

We will discuss more topics in my upcoming Article.

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AWS Lightsail – How to check health metrics?

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