Google Adsense – Why Experiments in Adsense are required?

Experiments are used to measure the performance of the different Ad settings created in Google Adsense account. Usually we create experiments to verify how the Ad is performing with original settings and the modified settings. Based on this you can measure which Ad settings are generating more Revenue.

Experiments are allows to focus on best-performing Ads. The traffic will be split between the Experiment Ad and the Original Ad; and their performance can be measured side by side.

Experiments are useful to Optimize your Ad performance.

Why Experiments in Adsense are required?

It is helpful to identify which Ad settings are performing better in generating the Revenue. For example, if you are displaying Image only Ad on your website; and to verify the performance of the Text only Ad; you can create it as an Experiment and observe the Performance of both these Ads and take the decision to pick-up the Winner Ad.

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Google Adsense – Why Experiments in Adsense are required?

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