Google Adsense – Create Block controls Experiment

Experiments are used to Optimize the performance of the Ad settings in Google Adsense account. I recommend you to read Article before you continue to read this.

Adsense allows to create “Block controls” and “Ad balance” Experiments. In this Article, we will discuss about creating a “Block controls Experiment”.

Create a new Experiment – Block controls Experiment

Block controls Experiment allows to create an Experiment by changing the Ad settings or Ad categories to compare the performance with the Original Ad.

Step 1. Sign in into Google Adsense Account.

Step 2. Select Optimization option from left side panel. Adsense will show Opportunities, Experiments and Labs options. Select Experiments option.

Step 3. From Experiments page, select “Blocking controls” to create an Experiment. Adsense displays “Blocking controls Experiment” page.

Step 4. Provide name of the Experiment in “Experiment name” field.

Step 5. Select the “Experiment setting” combo box. Adsense displays below options:

General ad categories

Sensitive ad categories

Ad serving

Select General ad categories option. And then click on ADD button. Adsense displays “General category settings” options.

Step 6. From “General category settings” options, observe the Ad categories listed and next to the each Ad category you will see the buttons to Allow or Block the Ad category to modify the Ad serve category. Based on the Ad category selection, the Ads will be displayed in the Ad.

You must Allow or Block the Ad categories for this Experiment. Otherwise, while creating the Experiment you will see below message.

Please add a category setting

Adsense doesn’t allow to create the Experiment without changing any of the category settings. This is because, both Original Ad settings and Variation Ad settings will be the same; hence there is nothing modified to compare the performance.

The modifications you are doing are for the Experiment only. Not for the Original Ad. That means the Ad settings will Apply to Variation Ad.

Once changes done, click on DONE button to Apply the changes.

Step 7. Now you need to select the settings to select the Winner Ad based on the Performance of an Experiment Ad and the Original Ad. Let Google Adsense decide it for you. Keep the selection “Automatically choose winner” enables Google Adsense to apply the winner Ad settings, once the Experiment has finished.

You can also disable this option to select your own winner Ad manually. I prefer to leave this selection to Google Adsense.

Step 8. Once all the selections are done, click on CREATE button to create the Experiment.

Step 9. You will see the Experiment has been created and it displays Original Ad details and Variation Ad details. And you will see the status as Running. That means, the Experiment is now Running to collect data for analysis.

Step 10. Observe that, on Experiments page it displays your Experiment and the details of it. The Experiment has End date and usually it set for 90 days. Once Experiment is finished, the winner of this experiment will be chosen for you and your Ad settings will be updated automatically.

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Google Adsense – Create Block controls Experiment

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