Google Analytics – How to fix “This property has multiple views that are similarly configured and possibly redundant”?

If you are seeing this notification in your Google Analytics account; means, you have configured multiple views which are similar; which makes difficult to manage the Google Analytics account. The recommended option is remove the redundant views from your Analytics account to make sure the configuration is simple and clean.

How to remove redundant views?

Step 1. Go to your Google Analytics account and select Admin option; which gives the access to you to access Administrative features.

Step 2. Now you will have the access to multiple Accounts created in Analytics and properties associated with them. Each property can have multiple views associated.

Select the account and property for which you want to verify the associated views; from Account and Property fields.

Step 3. Once you select the Account & Property; you can see the associated views. Select the redundant view you want to delete.

Step 4. Then, select View settings from the selected View. Now, click on “Move to trash can” option to move the selected View to Trash. This will not immediately delete the View; but it keeps the View in Trash can, for 35 days and after that, it removes the view permanently.

Once the View is permanently deleted, you can’t restore any of it’s data. It is important to note that, it deletes only the data associated with the View; not the data associated with the Property or Account.

Once all redundant views all deleted, you have the clean configuration and easy to manage the Analytics account.

You need to repeat the same steps to identify and delete the redundant views.

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