WordPress – How to fix “blog post showing extra HTML code after AddThis plugin activated”?

When I installed AddThis Share buttons plug-in in one of my WordPress site; and once I have activated it, I saw extra HTML code in the blog posts. Share buttons are appearing on my site, but this extra HTML code on each post also appearing when AddThis plugin was activated. I was seeing below HTML code, on each blog post;

<div class=”at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool” data-url=”https://.../”></div>

When I deactivated the plugin, this message was not appearing. I was looking for the solution and found some useful information in Plugin’s settings. I have done the changes, as suggested in the settings page; and the issue was successfully resolved.

Would like to share the steps I did to resolve the issue, through this post.

AddThis plugin – Changing Excerpt Filters settings

Step 1. Log in into your WordPress site and click on “AddThis” button. Assuming you have installed and activated AddThis Share buttons plugin.

Then select “Advanced Settings” option. WordPress will display, AddThis plugin’s Advanced Settings options.

Step 2. AddThis plugin’s Advanced Settings page, contains the configuration settings for Tracking, Loading options, AMP options and Developer configuration.

Look for “Excerpt Filters” under “Loading Options” section. An excerpt is used for article summary; which is useful for content rich websites. Some themes may break the standard WordPress filters when Plugins post excerpts.

AddThis plugin - Excerpt Filters
AddThis plugin – Excerpt Filters

Step 3. Start disabling the Excerpt filters, one-by-one; till the issue is resolved. You must have to save the configuration, after your changes, by clicking on the SAVE button.

Step 4. Navigate through the website and verify whether you are seeing the additional HTML code on each blog post. If it is not appearing means, the issue is resolved. If you still see the issue, try un-checking the filters from Excerpt Filters section, until the issues is resolved.

This way, I have resolved the issue and I do not see any additional HTML tags in my website’s blog posts.


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