Microsoft Visio – How to enable or disable hardware graphics acceleration?

Hardware acceleration is used to improve the performance, to enable to use the hardware for particular tasks instead of performing the tasks through a software. Hardware graphics acceleration is used to perform the graphics related activities through the hardware; instead of the software. Microsoft Office applications use hardware acceleration to enable to improve the performance of the application. We can set this option to use hardware acceleration whenever we want.

Below are the steps we can use to enable or disable hardware graphics acceleration in Microsoft Visio.

Step 1. Open Visio. Then, click on File menu. Visio will display the left side panel where you can select the options to create or open the Visio files. From this panel, select Options item. Visio will open, Visio Options dialog. 

Step 2. From Visio Options dialog, select Advanced tab from the left side panel. It will display the advanced options for working with Visio.

Step 3. From advanced options, look for Display section. You can scroll down to see the Display section. Then, check the checkbox “Disable hardware graphics acceleration” to disable the hardware graphics acceleration; otherwise, uncheck the checkbox to enable the hardware graphics acceleration.

Visio Advanced Options
Visio Advanced Options

Step 4. Once changes done, click on OK button to apply the changes.

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Microsoft Visio – How to enable or disable hardware graphics acceleration?

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