Microsoft Teams – How to change notification style?

Microsoft Teams provides an option to change the notification style to allow us to select either Teams built-in style or native Operating System style. Through this article, we are going to discuss how to change notification style in Teams.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Teams.

Step 2. On the top right side of the window, you will see three dots (), Setting and more, click on it. Teams will display a pop-up menu. Select Settings from the pop-up menu. Teams will open Settings window.

Microsoft Teams - Settings and more menu
Microsoft Teams – Settings and more menu

Step 3. From Settings window, select Notifications item from left side pane to open Notifications settings.

Step 4. Then, look for Notification style option and select the notification style you want to select from the drop-down box. Teams built-in is the default notification style. I am using Windows 10 Operating System, and I could see Windows notification style listed in the drop-down box. When you select Windows notification style, you ensure your Operating System notification settings allow Microsoft Teams to send the Desktop notifications.

Microsoft Teams - Notifications settings
Microsoft Teams – Notifications settings

Step 5. Once the notification style selection is done, close the Settings window.

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Microsoft Teams – How to change notification style?

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