How to track changes while you edit in Microsoft Word document?

Microsoft Word provides lot of useful features, one of that is Tracking the changes while you edit the word document. The following steps explains how to on/off Track Changes feature.

This article applies to:

  • Microsoft Office 2010

Step (1). Open Microsoft Word document.

Step (2). Click on Review item. It will display Review ribbon control.

Track Changes - Microsoft Word Document

Track Changes – Microsoft Word Document

Step (3). If you want to turn on/off the track changes while you edit, click on Track Changes icon under Tracking group. If it is on, the icon will change the color otherwise it will be in normal color.

Step (4). While you edit the document, if Track Changes feature is on, the changes will be marked based on the settings defined in “Track Changes Options”. These can be modified by selecting the option “Change Track Options…” menu item which will display by clicking lower portion of “Track Changes” icon.

Step (5). If Tack Changes feature is ON, while saving the document, Microsoft Word will display a prompt “The document being saved contains tracked changes. Continue with save?”. Click on OK button to save your changes.



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