Skype: Start or Stop Running Skype at Windows start-up

Skype is a famous voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client which allows you to text, voice and video with others, wherever they are.

This article explains the steps required to Start or Stop Skype application running when Windows start-up.

Step (1). Open Skype application.

Step (2). Sign-in using your Skype username and password.

Skype - Sign-in window

Skype – Sign-in window

Step (3). Click on Tools menu; Skype will display a pull-down menu. From pull-down menu select Options… menu item. Skype will open “Options” window. (Or your can type Ctrl + , keys from keyboard to open “Options” window).

Skype - Tools - Options menu

Skype – Tools – Options menu

Step (4). Click on General tab from left pane. Skype will display all the sub-tabs under General tab.

Step (5). Select General settings tab under General tab. Skype will display the general settings to set up all the basics you need to use Skype in right side pane.

Skype - Options - General Settings

Skype – Options – General Settings

Step (6). Check the check-box Start Skype when I start Windows to run the Skype at Windows start-up. By un-checking the check-box Skype will not run at Windows start-up.

Step (7). Once you made the changes in “Options” window; click on Save button to save your changes.

Next time when you start-up Windows; based on the settings you have given, Skype will Start or Stop running at Windows start-up.

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