How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome?

We can add URLs into Bookmarks whenever we need to revisit the likely URLs. Google Chrome provides options to Export the Bookmarks into an HTML file. So that we can use this file later to Import Bookmarks into Google Chrome when we lost the Bookmarks. That means we are backing up the Bookmarks and using the backup file whenever we need.

This article explains how we can Export the Bookmarks data into an HTML file. So that the HTML file can be used whenever we need to Import the Bookmarks into Google Chrome.

This article applies to:

  • Google Chrome

Step (1). Open Google Chrome.

Step (2). Click on Customize and control Google Chrome icon, which is usually next to the address bar. It will open a sub-menu.

Step (3). Move the mouse pointer over the Bookmarks menu item; it will show bookmarks sub-menu.

Step (4). Click on Bookmark manager. It will open the bookmark manager in a new tab in Google Chrome.

Note: You can also open Bookmark manager by clicking Ctrl + Shift + O keys.

Step (5). In Bookmark manager, click on Organize link. It will open a pop-up menu.

Step (6). Click on Export bookmarks to HTML file… . It will open a Save As dialog to allow you to save the exported bookmarks into an HTML file.

Step (7). In Save As dialog, provide the name to the file to export the bookmarks and click on Save button to start exporting.

How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome?

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