cPanel – Generate “Full Backups” using Backups page

cPanel control panel supports files backups from Backups page. From Backups page, we can take full backups or partial file backups.

This article explains the steps to generate full backups.

Step (1). Log-in into your cPanel control panel account.

Step (2). Click on Backups icon; which is usually under Files group. It will open Backups page.

cPanel - Files - Backups icon
cPanel – Files – Backups icon

Step (3). cPanel‘s Backups page allows to:

cPanel - Backups page
cPanel – Backups page
  • Take the full backup which includes all files in home directory, MySQL databases and email forwarders and filters.
  • Allows to backup partial data. In partial backups, you can backup either home directory, or backup selected database, or backup selected forwarders and filters.

Step (4). To take the full backup, click on “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup” button. cPanel control panel will open Full Backup page.

cPanel - "Full backup" page
cPanel – “Full backup” page
  • Available backups are displayed under Backups Available for Download:. Backups are displayed with backup file name and the time stamp when the backup generated. Click on the backup file name to download available backup.
  • To generate a full backup:
    • Select the location where you want to store the generated full backup, from Backup Destination: combo box.
    • If you want to receive an email notification of backup completion, provide the email address in Email Address: field.
    • If you don’t want to receive an email notification, select Do not send email notification of backup completion field.
  • Once you provide required fields, click on Generate Backup button.

Step (5). cPanel will start full backup and display the Full Backup in Progress… page.

Step (6). From Full Backup in Progress… page, click on Go Back link to go back to the Backups page.

Step (7). In Backups page, it will display the generated full backup name along with whether the full backup is in progress or not. If full backup is completed, it will display the time stamp when we generated the backup.

cPanel - Full Backup page - with available backups
cPanel – Full Backup page – with available backups

Step (8). Click on the full backup name, to download the generated full backup.

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