Vue.js – An Introduction

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used to develop Single Page Applications and can be extended to develop Enterprise Applications too. Hence, Vue.js is called as a progressive framework as it allows to start building the applications with minimal efforts and can adapt additional libraries to extend the functionality depending on the requirements.

The core library of Vue.js, mainly focus on the view layer and it allows easy to integrate with additional libraries to allow to extend the applications.

Virtual DOM (Virtual Document Object Model)

Vue.js use a Virtual DOM to render the application’s user interface. Virtual DOM is nothing but a copy of the Original DOM and this is used control the rendering of the application’s user interface; when a change is made in the application, Virtual DOM updates the potion of the change instead of entire application to fasten the rendering process.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Vue.js is very simple in terms of both API and design compare to other frameworks. This simplicity enables to learn the framework so quickly and can help to start developing non-trivial applications.

Vue,js provides the flexibility to structure your Application. This gives lot of freedom to design the Application in our own way; and also enables to adapt this framework to variety of Projects.

Data binding

Enables the data flow between the components. This saves lot of time to code the Program; and also enables to reflect the modified data on the view without any additional code changes.

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Vue.js – An Introduction

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