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We have discussed exporting All content from WordPress site in the Article “WordPress – How to Export All content from WordPress site?“. And also discussed how to export partial content from WordPress in the previous Article “WordPress – Export the Posts, Pages or Media content“. In this Article I would like to go through importing the content to WordPress site.

Step 1. Login into your WordPress site as a site Administrator.

Step 2. Once logged in, place the mouse cursor on Tools tab or click on it. WordPress will display list of options available under Tools tab.

Step 3. From the Tools options, select Import option. WordPress will display an Import page to allow you to import posts, pages, comments etc, from another site to the WordPress site.

WordPress has the options to import the site content from another System (non WordPress site also). To do this, related Importer tool should be installed. On the Import page, it displays list of tools available to import the content to WordPress site.

In this Article, we will look into the options to import WordPress content to the currently logged in WordPress site.

Click on “Install now” option which is under the WordPress entry. WordPress will install the Importer tool to allow to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, custom post types, post meta, categories, tags, authors etc,.

Step 4. Once Importer tool is installed click on “Run Importer” option. This will open “Import WordPress” page to allow to upload the exported data to import to the WordPress site.

WordPress - Choose file to Import
WordPress – Choose file to Import

Step 4.1. From “Import WordPress” page, select “Choose File” option to select the data file to import. Once the file dialog is opened, select the file.

Step 4.2. Once the file is selected, click on “Upload file and import” button to upload the file and start importing the content into the WordPress site.

Step 4.3. The content in WordPress is assigned to the Authors or the Admin user. The content you exported has the details of the Authors. You must map the content to the currently existing Users in the current WordPress site.

WordPress - Import - Assign Authors
WordPress – Import – Assign Authors

Depending on the Author details in the content, WordPress Importer tool will display the options to Assign Authors to the content.

  • Provide the new User name in “create new user with login name:” field to create a new user and Assign the user to the content.
  • To assign the posts or content to the existing user; select the user from the “assign posts to an existing user:” field.
  • If you do not provide entries to these fields, the content will be assigned to the Admin user.

Also select “Download and import file attachments” checkbox under Import Attachments to download and import the attachments.

Step 4.4. Once the selection is done, click on Submit button to start the importing data into the WordPress site.

Step 5. Once the import is done, verify whether the content is uploaded into the WordPress site by visiting the related posts. If you do not see any Errors means; your content is imported Successfully.

We will discuss more topics in upcoming Articles.

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