How Server side scriptings works?

Server side scripting, we use to develop Dynamic Web pages. During the Web development, depending on the design of the web site, Programmers will decide whether to use Client side scripting or Server side scripting or both. Through this article, we are going to briefly look, how server side scripts works.

When we access a web site from our Computer, the request goes to the Server; we call it as web-server. The scripts resides in the web-server verifies the request; perform some operations to produce the result back to the requestor (the Client). Once the result is ready, the web-server sends the requested information, back to the Client, which means to our Computer.

Server side scripting
Server side scripting

Let’s take this website as an example; when we type the URL of this website,, in the web-browser; the request goes to the web-server where this website is Hosted. The scripts in the web-server, reads information from the Database(s), and also collects necessary information from other sources; finally collected information sends back to the requestor(s). Hence, we are seeing the content of the website from our end. The website content, populated dynamically with the help of Server side scripts.

The server side scripts are not visible to Client side; due to the Security reasons. This is one of the, major advantage of using Server side scripting. We use this type of technique, to deliver Client specific customized information, dynamically.

When web-server received, multiple (millions) requests; Server will be busy in processing all these requests and this may effect on the performance. Hence, most of Developers use another technique; which is Client side scripting, where the script will execute on the Client side. As mentioned earlier, this is the design decision, to decide what portions of the web-site use Server side scripting.

There are different languages we can use for server side scripting. You can select the one, which is suitable for your requirements. For example; PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript (Server side), JSP etc,. There are so many other languages we can use in server side scripting.

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How Server side scriptings works?

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