Skype for Business – How to turn on Error logs?

Error log information is very useful, to understand & resolve any issues with the Applications. Usually, Applications logs error information and also provide options to turn ON or OFF to log this information. Through this article, we are going to discuss, the steps required to turn on or off error log information in Skype for Business application.

Turn ON or OFF Error logs in Skype for Business

Step 1. Open Skype for Business application window and then go to Options, select General tab.

Skype for Business - General Options
Skype for Business – General Options

Step 2. Under Help your support team help you group, click on the drop-down box which is next to Logging in Skype for Business: field. This drop-down box has below logging levels:

  • Light: This is the default logging level selected. When we set this, Skype for Business application logs Summary information & gather information about specific errors.
  • By selecting Full log level, from the drop-down box; this Application records the detailed information about each Application activity into the log file.
  • When we do not want to record log information, select the log level, Off. That means, we are turning off error logs in Skype for Business.

If you are not able to change this option means, your administrator has restricted to change these options. These are controlled through Client policies and these are applied each time when you access the System.

Step 3. When we set Also collect troubleshooting info using Windows Event logging option, the logging information will also be captured in Windows Event log. We can see this logging information from Windows Even Viewer application.

Once all options are set / modified, click on OK button to apply the changes.

Where to find Skype for Business log files?

Step 4. Upon setting the options, to log error information into the log files; Skype for Business will start logging the information, depending on the log level. These log files are stored in particular location in the System. We can find them here;

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\<Version>\<Skype for Business or Lync>\Tracing\

Where <Version> is the installed version of Microsoft Office. In my System, the version 16.0 is installed; and the path looks like below;


This is the path where we can find Skype for Business log files.


Skype for Business – How to turn on Error logs?

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