How to select rectangular area or column wise data in PDF document using Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is pretty famous tool useful for opening Adobe PDFs (PDF stands for Portable Document Format). Usually PDFs are created using Adobe Acrobat software. Adobe Reader will not allow you to create the PDFs; it will allow you to view, print and manage the PDFs.

Adobe Reader provides variety of tools to help you to find the information in PDFs. One of the interesting tools is Select Tool. This tool allows the users to select the data (image or text) from the PDF document. It allows you to select the particular text, a block of text, image, entire PDF document or rectangular area from the document. To use this tool first we need to select the tool.

We can select this tool from Tools > Select & Zoom sub menu.

Step (1). Click on Tools menu.

Step (2). Click on Select & Zoom menu item. It will display Select & Zoom sub menu.

Step (3). Now click on Select Tool menu item.

Once you select the tool, the cursor will change to arrow shape; when you move the cursor over the text it will change to an I-beam shape to allow you to select the text; when you move the cursor over the image the cursor will change to cross hairs shape to allow you to select the image.

To select the rectangular area in the document, first you need to press and hold the Alt key and move the mouse pointer. When the mouse cursor changed to rectangular area shape, hold the left mouse button and select the area which you want to copy/select.

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