How to clear cache in Concrete5?

Concrete5 is an easy-to-use Open Source Content Management System to publish content on the internet. Concrete5 maintains a cache mechanism to speed up the website’s performance and some times it is required to clear this cache to reflect your changes made into the website. Below are the steps explains the way to clear the cache.

This article applies to:

  • Concrete5 v5.x

Step (1). Log-in into your Concrete5 website as an admin.

Step (2). Move the mouse over Dashboard icon. It is on top of the page. Once you place the mouse cursor on Dashboard icon, it will show a menu with dashboard related links.

Concrete5 - Dashboard - Menu

Concrete5 – Dashboard – Menu

Step (3). Click on System & Settings link. It displays a System & Settings window.

Concrete5 - Dashboard - System and Settings page

Concrete5 – Dashboard – System and Settings page

Step (4). Now click on Clear Cache link. You can find Clear Cache link under OPTIMIZATION group.

Concrete5 - Clear Cache

Concrete5 – Clear Cache

Step (5). Once you click on Clear Cache link, it displays a Clear Cache window. From Clear Cache window, click on Clear Cache button to clear cache in the website.

Step (6). Once it clears the cache, it will display “Cached files removed.” message.

Step (7). Now click on Return to Website link, which is on top left side of the page to go to the home page of the site.

Concrete5 - Return to Website

Concrete5 – Return to Website

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