Google Chrome: Enable or disable Pop-ups

Google Chrome allows you to allow or block pop-ups on web-sites. When you browse web-site on internet, depending on the privacy settings you setup in Google Chrome, Google Chrome will allow or block pop-ups on the web-site.

This article explains the steps to setup privacy settings in Google Chrome to allow or block pop-ups.

Step (1). Click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon which is on right side of address bar. This will display a pop-up menu.

Google Chrome - Settings menu

Google Chrome – Settings menu

Step (2). From pop-up menu, click on Settings menu item. Google Chrome will display a Settings page to allow you to modify Chrome settings.

Google Chrome - Settings page

Google Chrome – Settings page

You can also open Settings page by typing the below URL in address bar:


Step (3). Scroll down, and click on Show advanced settings… link to display advanced settings.

Google Chrome - Advanced settings

Google Chrome – Advanced settings

Step (4). Look for Privacy section and click on Content Settings… button. Google Chrome will display “Content settings” dialog.

Step (5). Scroll down on “Content settings” dialog and look for Pop-ups section.

Google Chrome - "Content settings" dialog

Google Chrome – “Content settings” dialog

Step (6). To enable pop-ups, select Allow all sites to show pop-ups option or to disable pop-ups, select Do not allow any site to show pop-ups option.

Step (7). Click on Manage exceptions.. button  to manage pop-up exceptions. Google Chrome will display “Pop-up exceptions” dialog.

Google Chrome - "Pop-up exceptions" dialog

Google Chrome – “Pop-up exceptions” dialog

Step (8). Enter the web-site name and select whether pop-ups are allowed or blocked by selecting the value “Allow” or “Block” from combo-box.

Step (9). Once you made the changes, click on Done button to save the changes and close the “Pop-up exceptions” dialog.

Step (10). Click on Done button to save changes in Content settings and close the dialog.

Open Google Chrome and check whether pop-ups are allowed or blocked depending on your settings.

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